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Don’t buy from the Nazi

Hey Goerlz,

i took my time to check the links and came to the thor steinar pages. If you curse down on the webstorelink on the bottom you´ll find a link called “wissen” which goes to another side with a huge explanation about the germanic tribes (germanischen stämme – ok, it´s just the history, BUT). At the link “wichtige Information” is written about their forbiddance of their old logo which was build by ruins which were supposed to look like the nazi “SS” sign…
In a way i have no idea whats going on in their background, where they are involved in or not. In a way i think, ok, that´s the bad side of democracy – that people are allowed to open a store whereever they want. And if everything seems to be legal, it looks that nobody can really do anything. But I also think it´s weired to insist of having “Berlin Mitte” “clean” during nobody is really caring about the suburbs of Berlin where this attitute is quite in common.
So, what can we do? I think this also shows how close this issue still is and that we really have to open our eyes & our mouth all the time when we realize that something is going wrong.
Best, yasmine*

I just got this, and I think its important that people know about this.
Especially us goerlz who work and live in mitte.
—— Forwarded Message

Dear all,

today, under massive police protection, a nazi store opened on Rosa-
Luxemburg-Straße 18.

Yes, you read it right: we’re in 2008, in the middle of oh-so-cool
Berlin-Mitte. The place is named “Tønsberg” and serves as a flagship
for the nazi brand “Thor Steinar”. There is a lot of documentation
about this brand and its indisputable link to the right-wing scene,
unfortunately most of it is in german. Its wikipedia article may give
you an idea, although it is VERY mellow: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thor_Steinar .

Everything should be done to have this place closed as soon as
possible. Many actions are already planned. There was already a small
demonstration today, and i believe the inhabitants of Rosa-Luxemburg-
Straße have got a letter about it all.

While others will most probably take care of the illegal side of the
question, there are other means as well. You have more contacts or
opportunities of contact than i do to the people who work or go
shopping in the Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße. PLEASE talk with them, or
forward this email to them. While most people buying Thor Steinar
definitely do it to be recognized as insiders of that scene, the
sheer location of this shop makes it probable that tourists buy Thor
Steinar stuff, without knowing that the money they’d give out will
finance stuff they really don’t want. So tell the people this is not
another neutral trendy shop. They all have to know what is going on
in there.

Please get back to me for any question!

Here some more links in german:

You’ve got more power than you think. Act for what’s right.
Thank you and Cheers!

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