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My second video of Cuban “Cantautora” Yaidy. The song is called “Maniquis”. Enjoy:

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Her full name is Yaidy Pineiro Alvárez, born in 1985 in  Santa Clara, Cuba. After four years of elementary school at the age of 9 she goes to “Escuela de arte” in Santa Clara where she gets her first music education and learns to play clarinet. After finishing school she became a librarian and still works at Santa Clara City library “Biblioteca provincial Marti”. Since 2005 she’s touring all over Cuba as “Cantautora”, which is traduced best as singersongwriter. I met her and heard her playing the first time in Santa Clara where she was performing at the FAAM festival (Festival de artistas aficionados a la musica) and I loved her music right from the beginning. Enjoy.

When I met her last time she told me her biggest wish: a dictaphone. With a dictaphone, she said, writing new songs would be much easier because she could speak her thoughts and  ideas right into it. When I go to Cuba next time I’ll bring her one.

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