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Laigueglia ist zu unserem absoluten Lieblingsort geworden. Es ist eine Art Alassio im Kleinformat und entsprechend beschaulich.

Für alle Menschen mit Kindern ist das Café Al Molo so etwas wie der perfekte Ort: Kaffee trinken mit Blick auf den Spielplatz und diesem Panorama:

Aber auch bei schlechtem Wetter kann man sich’s hier nett machen:

Und wer gut Fisch essen will, wird hier bestens bedient:


Piazza garibaldi, 7
17053 – Laigueglia (SV) Italia

Tel. 0182.690124

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Es war nicht nur Terrorismus, womit ich mich bis jetzt in Italien beschäftigt habe. Wir hatten auch die Frage zu klären, wie Karneval hier gefeiert wird. Um für alles gerüstet zu sein, haben Anna und ich eine Maske gebastelt. Sollte ein Einhorn werden… Naja, so weit sind wir immerhin gekommen:

War dann aber nicht schlimm, denn Karneval in Italien ist laut und lustig, vor allem laut, und mit kunstvollen, selbstgebastelten Masken hat man’s eher nicht so.

Die Festhalle in Laigueglia hatte den Charme eines Atombunkers, aber trotzdem – schön war’s!

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I just realised that my last blog entry was on June 7.  Now it’s the last day of June. There was nothing special about the last three weeks – I just didn’t mange to write anything, and I was in


Konstanz with Anna vistiting the grandparants. We discussed how the look of  Lake of Constance Ferries changed over the years – and now we’re back in Berlin and Michael Jackson is dead.

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Just a walk down the street, where the wall used to be 20 years ago.  In the window are 3 books to take away: “Alte Eisenwerke in Schlesien und Mähren”, a novel by Peter Härtling, and a book about historyp10102811On the path between the two walls of the former country is a broken picture:p1010287Wall … How long still?    Häh?

A man is talking to mee; if I am a free man, or a slave, and as I’m not fast enough to answer he tells me to be a slave.


I ask him, what he thinks about himself; and proudly he answers, he’s a free man. Profession: Physics. Wow. I should have seen it.


On my way back, I saw in the window, that the historical book and the novel of Peter Härtling were gone, but someone left some cake instead. I left the Eisenwerke, brought the cake home an had a good talk to my daughter while eating the cake.

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MATHEMA, part of the Mathematics-exhibition in Berlin’s  great “Technisches Museum”for children aged 4 to 10 will awake the curiosity and creativity of young museum-goers. They will carry out a variety of experiments, chosen for their pedagogical quality, and experience through play the foundations of mathematics. They can weigh numbers on the “number scale,” handle geometric forms, and find out how cars with square wheels travel.” That’s at least what curators say about their exhibition.

In fact: if you’ve got a sneaking sadistic inclination go there and enjoy yourself. You will see loads of desperate kids trying to play with nice wooden cars – but the cars won’t run…


Just a joke, actually it’s a great exhibition, great thing to do with your kids on cold winter weekends. Entry is only 4,50 Euros per person, kids are free.

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According to STERN magazine which in it’s edition of June 2008 had a ranking of German zoos (DER GROSSE ZOO-TEST) Tierpark Berlin is number 2! (after Zoologischer Garten Berlin West.) I was there with Anna and I immediately understood why this is a great zoo.

Look at this:

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Brandenburg is special! We went to TIERPARK KUNSTERSPRING near Neuruppin last weekend. A nice thing to do with your kids. It’s only one hour from Berlin. Nice park, cute animals… and then you’re in front of two huge bison and the female one is called SPELUNKE (boozer, dive) – and suddenly you realize that you are in Brandenburg.

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