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Foto was taken on Helmholtzplatz during the Actiondays demonstration of June 1st. (see also post “identity problems”)

Edoardo Sanguineti (in this case it’s interesting to compare what Wikipedia has to say about him in English, German, and Italian), Italian Poet and Anarchist and since the 1960ies next to Umberto Ecco and Giorgio Manganelli one of the leading Italian intellectuals, in January 2007 during the “Lectio Magistralis” in honor of Pietro Ingrao in Rome’s Sala Refettorio della Camera shocked Italian public saying that a new class hatred is needed and postulated the “end of politeness.” Was it the confused speech of an incurable old communist? Or was it a well calculated attack of one of the leading Intellectuals in front of hundreds of people of Rome’s High Society? In the following I’m citing statements Sanguineti made in Italian media before:

In a world in which 98 per cent of the people live under precarious conditions or in misery real luxury is to still permit oneself to be gentle with the others. No, nowadays we are obliged to be rough in order to make it clear for everybody that we are living in an inhuman world. (il manifesto, 31.03.2006)

The powerful hate the proletarian and the hate has to be returned. class hatred has to be restored in order to regive light to the working class. (il manifesto 07.01.2007)

I certainly don’t want to emphasize a term as “class hatred”, a term which might sound rough, without coming back to the intention the one who coined it had. The intention actually wasn’t mere aggressivity or civil disobedience. On ther contrary it was the knowledge that history was made of class struggle… There’s only one rule: everybody has – in the name of responsibility – to know exactly what he is talking about. To measure the weight of the words one uses because in certain circumstances words actually are stones… It’s very important that the proletarian regains consciousness of himself, also via public demonstrations. Even though no ring-a-ring-o’roses will ever solve the problems. (L’Unità 20.10.2003)

It has been Walter Benjamin who talked about the “philosophical value of class hatred”… Benjamin – as did Antonio Gramsci in Italy – lamented that if the accent is put mechanically (meccanicamente), positivistically on the idea of progress one looses the aspect that the purpose of a policy of “the left” is not prospective felicity but the assertion of former and present injustice in the name of the oppressed class. Hatred is a force.

Q: But who nowadays are “proletarians”?

Sanguineti: Everybody, even you and me. The problem of nowadays proletariat is that it consists of three quarters of the population, but many don’t know this.

(Interview of LA STAMPA 06.01.2007 see the whole interview here. (in Italian))


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Rosa Luxemburg neighborhood is well organized now in it’s battle against right wing extremism – see post Don’t buy from the Nazi and Thor Steinar II. Tomorrow, Saturday, May 31 a festival is planned to introduce the Mitte Gegen Rechts initiative to the public. In this context the tazblog article of Burkhard Schröder is a great example for a disgusting cynicism which is present among a lot of left wing intellectuals: citizens, who get organized to fight against the presence of neonazis in their neighborhood are discredited as “Gutmenschen” whose initiative is inappropriate. Would it be more appropriate to do nothing and just let things go?

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Yesterdays newspapers revealed that Deutsche Bank boss Josef Ackermann in 2007 earned 14 Million €. After the Liechtenstein scandal, social debate reached a point where information like this is nothing but another proof of the greed of “those up there”. On the opposite side of society German media correspondingly have detected a complete lack of values – see all the old men and BVG – bus drivers having been attacked and beaten down in the last weeks. (for more information see articles on welt-online and n24 in German.) Is that true? Do we actually live in a deeply unmoral society without ethics, without values? I observed the opposite during the last weeks: When I went to Airport Berlin-Schönefeld a couple of days ago to pick up a friend of mine I had to wait for two hours because the plain was late. At the information desk, in the middle of hysterical crowd of people who were wondering what happened to the plane, sat an arab or turkish looking guy, maybe 20 years old. He watched the screen of his computer very concentrated very absorbed, almost if he was meditating. I managed to cast a glance at the site he was watching: it was the wikipedia site about “Bescheidenheit” (modesty). Some days later I stumbled upon some Prenzlauer Berg street art which deals with similar topics “Demut”(humility) and “Gier” (greed). Are these the first signs of a comeback of values through the back door ?



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Thor Steinar II

Today I stumbled upon this video, posted by “ThorSteinar2006”:

I felt bold, maybe because spring has made it finally, and I thought it might be a nice experiment to give the lyrics of the “Wunderbare Jahre” song to a translation program. That’s what came out of it:

“Wonderful years”

First beers in young years,

I like to think of the old days

our parents were always bitching

because we were most wide.

The first schnaps at the bar,

and the first women Hauereien,

the first scars and broken noses,

during this time I will be back.

Ref: Have you heard the old pub in which we always were

have you heard the old songs we have sung.

Wonderful years, I like to think of this time

wonderful years, we were young, we were free,

wonderful years, wonderful years

The first image on the upper arm,

the first with the stress Bullerei.

With “Martens” proudly through the streets gone,

we are young, we were free.

At parties we were never welcome,

we wasren halt bold as snot.

The beer ausgesoffen and fully gekotzt the carpet.

Ref: Have you heard the old pub…

…” fully gekotzt the carpet”!!! The fusion of neo nazi lyrics and translation programs might generate interesting new literature. I felt euphoric about the power of translation, so I decided to translate myself the most interesting commentaries of the above seen video I found on the youtube site:

“old times are the best 88” (88 means Heil Hitler , two times HH, 8th letter of the alphabet)

“well – the good old GERMAN bar (kneipe) is now a turkish food store.”

“would please somebody send it to me? great song! Heil comrades”

“Heard the song the first time at my childrens and thought it was awful – meanwhile my children don’t bare me anymore listening to the song so often and so loud :-)”

“Great song. this is german power pure 88”

“a thundering HEIL to all national comrades. ”

to not “fully kotz the carpet”, I stop here now not without two last remarks:

The name of the band is “Sleipnir” which in nordic mythology is the eight legged horse of Odin ( just in case that somebody wants to know).

Neo Nazi fashion Thor Steinar Shop (see post of february, 15th) in Rosa-Luxemburg-Str.18 seems still to be there. Look at there website here . They have a three years contract, so it’s hard to get them out even though they are “suspected” to have right wing extremists working for them. Here’s their lawyer’s answer to this incredible suspicion:

“Hierzu erkläre ich folgendes: Der Verfassungsschutz und auch dessen Mitarbeiter Jonas Grutzpalk haben nicht erklärt, dass der Firma Mediatex GmbH Rechtsextremisten angehören. Die Firma Mediatex GmbH hat keine rechtsextremen Mitarbeiter.” (short translation: There are no right wing extremists working for Mediatex GmbH)

Berlin, 28.10.2004
Rechtsanwalt Markus Roscher für die Firma Mediatex GmbH

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Very scary bunny

Easter is coming soon, so it’s time for a little bunny collection.




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Dieters Werte

“DerLieblingsfeind der Gutmenschen und des gutmütigen Bürgertums heißt Dieter Bohlen. Der Pop-Titan ist als Jury-Mitglied von “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” die personifizierte Antithese zur Kuschel-Pädagogik. Er teilt aus. Direkt. Brutal…


Warum kommt Bohlen bei den Jugendlichen so gut an? Ganz einfach, sie schätzen seine Ehrlichkeit, denn die Bohlen-Sprüche bestechen durch Wahrheit: Die meisten “DSDS”-Bewerber haben bestimmt einige Talente, nur eben nicht Singen. Sicher, das hört niemand gern. Aber was würde denn mit einem Nichtschwimmer passieren, wenn wir ihn mit den Worten ins Wasser schickten, er hätte das Zeug zum Olympiasieger? Ertrinken würde er… Wer das Wort Leistung nur in den Mund nimmt, gilt schnell als gestrig. “Neue Spießer” lautet die Bezeichnung für die, die eine Rückkehr zu alten Werten fordern. … Um wirklich tolerant zu sein, bedarf es eines Fundaments, des Fundaments unserer Werte. Und ein solches Werte-Fundament muss auch weitergegeben werden. Es muss sich in der Erziehung unserer Kinder und Jugendlichen wiederfinden. “

(zitiert nach: Kai Diekmann, Der große Selbstbetrug. Wie wir um unsere Zukunft gebracht werden. Piper 2007)

Und so gibt der Dieter Kais Werte-Fundament weiter:

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The Mongolians have landed in Berlin. Regarding the actual immigration debate in Germany it’s amazing that nobody seems to have noticed them. Because they’re pretty obviously not willing to accept German “Leitkultur”. Just look how they live!


And they didn’t only invade Potsdamer Platz but secretly the whole city. They picked the most remote and hidden spots of Berlin to build up their yurts.

yurt near Prenzlauer Allee

This picture for example was taken at an old and deserted brewery on Prenzlauer Allee. As you see, it’s not deserted at all… Remarkable to me seems the fact that Mongolions obviously prefer to set up their yurts in the courts of big buildings as the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz or the brewery.

The brewery Mongolians sell little bonsai trees at the Kollwitzmarket (Thursdays and Saturdays)


Is it pure coincidence that the same day, January 16th, a Mongolian woman (Tungalag H.-L) and her German husband (Gerhard H.) were sentenced to 5 and 3 years of prison for abusing a 14 year old Mongolian girl, niece of Tungalag H.-L.? The girl was sent by her parents to Germany in order to become a contortionist.

Mongolian girl

Aunt Tungalag, a famous contortionist herself, was supposed to train the girl. But instead of training her, she and her husband abused her. The girl’s hands were tied together, her legs tied to her back … in this position they let her hang off a hook in the wall for hours. Gerhard H. kicked her with his Birkenstock-Clogs.

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