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Trace of Stones / Die Spur der Steine


Look at the difference of the holes. Remarkable isn’t it? (Found at the SAP Building next to U-Bahnhof Weinmeisterstrasse two days after “the militant left” went by) See also Berliner Zeitung’s articles Autonome proben den 1. Mai (today) and Spur der Verwüstung (yesterday).


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Ben Lewis’ 2002 BBC documentary “Baader Meinhof: In love with terror” provides a unique insight into the notorious terrorist group and includes interviews with former RAF members and leaders of the West German government.

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Just a walk down the street, where the wall used to be 20 years ago.  In the window are 3 books to take away: “Alte Eisenwerke in Schlesien und Mähren”, a novel by Peter Härtling, and a book about historyp10102811On the path between the two walls of the former country is a broken picture:p1010287Wall … How long still?    Häh?

A man is talking to mee; if I am a free man, or a slave, and as I’m not fast enough to answer he tells me to be a slave.


I ask him, what he thinks about himself; and proudly he answers, he’s a free man. Profession: Physics. Wow. I should have seen it.


On my way back, I saw in the window, that the historical book and the novel of Peter Härtling were gone, but someone left some cake instead. I left the Eisenwerke, brought the cake home an had a good talk to my daughter while eating the cake.

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9/11 questioned in Japanese Parliament in January 2008

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After “Markt in der Bibliothek” next Vietnamese grocery store on Danziger Strasse, just around the corner,  has closed down this week. It will be reopened in March as a Restaurant. I wish the Vietnamese owners all the best with their new business plans – and still don’t know where to go now if I’ve forgotten to get milk. There’s probably just one solution: disciplined shopping!

My theory is: closing down the shops around the corner is part of an educational program initiated by Bezirksamt Pankow to try to discipline chaotic Prenzlauer Berg’s inhabitants. One of these measures already failed: the new parking rules on Pappelallee, established in April 2008 caused even more chaos. See also post “Unser Dorf soll schöner werden II”

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If you travel with DEUTSCHE BAHN, especially if you travel with kids, you should be very well organized and make reservations before. That’s what we did. But when we got on the train packed with people – Anna screaming because she realized that she had forgotten Isabella (the cuddly rabbit) – our seats were already taken. A lovely Scottish couple was sitting there and above their heads the signs were saying: ggf. reserviert (ggf=gegebenenfalls is translated best by: should the occasion arise). I told the lovely Scottish couple I was terribly sorry but the seats were reserved. They laughed and told me that somebody had explained to them ten minutes ago that the sign ggf. reserviert would mean that the seats were probably not reserved. It would be no problem for them to look for other seats, they told me, but there was one thing, they really wanted to know: WHAT DOES ggf. reserviert MEAN?

Did you ever try to explain to a lovely Scottish couple the meaning of ggf. reserviert? (with your reservation in one and your screaming daughter on the other hand)

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When trial was over in July 2008 out of 45 persons accused of having brutally mistreated detainees after the 2001 G8 riots in Genoa only fifteen Italian police officers and doctors were sentenced to jail. But soon it became clear that none of them would actually serve prison terms.

Defendants in Italy do not go to jail for most offences until they have exhausted all the appeals to which they are entitled – normally, at least two. And in this case, it emerged, the convictions and sentences alike would be wiped out by a statute of limitations next year.

Time to remember what actually happened in Genoa seven years ago.

British Guardian article of July, 17 “The bloody battle of Genoa” gives detailed survey about the facts.

A very good WDR television-documentary in German: “Gipfelstürmer – Die blutigen Tage von Genua” (2002)

This is what Mark Covell british journalist and victim says about the trial:

Part 1


Part 2


More witnesses and victims here:


Great site in Italian, English and German: supportolegale.org

The testimonies of most of the Bolzaneto victims you find here (in Italian)

And finally: “La Canzone del maggio” of great Genoese songwriter Fabrizio De André:

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