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I just realised that my last blog entry was on June 7.  Now it’s the last day of June. There was nothing special about the last three weeks – I just didn’t mange to write anything, and I was in


Konstanz with Anna vistiting the grandparants. We discussed how the look of  Lake of Constance Ferries changed over the years – and now we’re back in Berlin and Michael Jackson is dead.

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Berlin’s militant left is preparing for May 1 demonstrations. And German press watches every step they do and predicts very bad riots:

Berlin Police fear May 1 Demonstrations will turn violent” (easybourse online article, April 9, 2009)

“Ein Schritt zu spät” (Tagesspiegel vom 09.04.09)

“Autonome proben den 1. Mai” (Berliner Zeitung vom 09.04.09)

THIS is Revolutionärer 1. Mai-Hompage’s press review

Der böse Tanz in den Mai” (Berliner Kurier vom 29.04.09)

“Rückzug aus dem Kiez – Innensenator Körting musste in Friedrichshain in Sicherheit gebracht werden” (Berliner Zeitung vom 30.04.09)

“Furcht vor Unruhen am 1. Mai” (Berliner Zeitung vom 30.04.2009)

Kreuzberger Klassenkämpfer” (Süddeutsche Zeitung vom 30.04.09)

In a way it reminds me of how Italian press frightened the country before 2001 G8 summit in Genoa. What happened during the summit is to be seen here

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Trace of Stones / Die Spur der Steine


Look at the difference of the holes. Remarkable isn’t it? (Found at the SAP Building next to U-Bahnhof Weinmeisterstrasse two days after “the militant left” went by) See also Berliner Zeitung’s articles Autonome proben den 1. Mai (today) and Spur der Verwüstung (yesterday).

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9/11 questioned in Japanese Parliament in January 2008

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New KREATOR Album “Hordes of Chaos” will be released on January 16, 2009. One of the tracks is called “Destroy what destroys you” and is a quotation of  TON STEINE SCHERBEN’s famous song “Macht kaputt, was euch kaputt macht”.

So this is quotation:

and here’s the original:

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Gleixner Therese, Hausfrau, 91 Jahre

Bauer Maria, Hausfrau, 71 Jahre

Flemisch Josef, Unternehmer, 88 Jahre

Moser Frieda, Hausfrau, 89 Jahre

Nothaft Lieselotte, Hausfrau, 70 Jahredsc00186

Eigner Annemarie, Bankangestellte, 78 Jahre

Huber Josef, Chemielaborant, 83 Jahre

Zierhut Anna, Regierungsangestellte, 79 Jahre

Czogalla Hildegard, Schneiderin, 93 Jahre

Dr. med. Greiling Gebhard, General-Arzt, 98 Jahre

Seitz Maria, Kindermädchen, 88 Jahre

Buchinger Anna, Schneidermeisterin, 94 Jahre

Schattmann Franz, Beamter, 84 Jahre

Erhardt Jakob, Gärtnermeister, 94 Jahre

Rehm Siegfried, Rohrnetzmeister, 73 Jahre

Huber Maria, Hausfrau, 84 Jahre

Gietl Margareta, Pelznäherin, 76 Jahre

Dr. der Wirtschaftswissenschaften Ditlmann Klaus, Diplom-Volkswirt, 98 Jahre

Fischer Josef, Rechtsanwalt, 61 Jahre

Kowalski Rosa, Hausfrau, 84 Jahre

Wetzel Ulrich, Bankkaufmann, 91 Jahre

Pilz Hans, Produzent, 69 Jahre

Kracklauer Adolf, Kranführer, 69 Jahre

Wohlmuth Maria, Hausfrau, 96 Jahre

Dr. Frey Josef, Diplom-Physiker, 94 Jahre

Schrott Elisabeth, Hausfrau, 79 Jahre

Nothas Konrad, kfm. Angestellter, 72 Jahre

Gebert Gabi, Mag. Päd., 51 Jahre

Mann Karl Heinz, Radio- u. Fernsehtechnikmeister, 53 Jahre

Ruder Cläre, Hausfrau, 88 Jahre

Degener Waldtraut, Hotelkauffrau, 82 Jahre

Schönberger Lucia, Hausfrau, 69 Jahre

Kellerer  Charlotte, Hausfrau, 97 Jahre

Weiß Maria, Hausfrau, 72 Jahre

sind heute in München beigesetzt worden

Quelle: Süddeutsche Zeitung

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Beginning of October I came back from Cuba and today I finally managed to put some of my photos online… Enjoy! (Just cklick on my flickr account underneath the blogroll)

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Brandenburg is special! We went to TIERPARK KUNSTERSPRING near Neuruppin last weekend. A nice thing to do with your kids. It’s only one hour from Berlin. Nice park, cute animals… and then you’re in front of two huge bison and the female one is called SPELUNKE (boozer, dive) – and suddenly you realize that you are in Brandenburg.

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I just came back from Italy. That’s why you’ll find some of my thoughts about it spread here on the blog. I know the country pretty well and I have to admit – especially after I talked to good Italian friends of mine – that I’m really worried about what’s going on there. If I talk about Italy with my German friends the reaction is more or less: “Well, it’s Italy, we shouldn’t take it too seriously.” I think that’s a big mistake. On the contrary: we must start to take it very, very seriously.

According to this blogosfere interview Italian citizens feel much better now since 3000 soldiers of the Italian Army started patrolling city streets on August 4. How could it be different? I mean – look at the guys:

Let’s have a look what the rest of the world thinks about it:

British Telegraph in its article “Soldiers to patrol Italian streets to stop crime” of July 24, quotes Italian defence Minister Ignazio La Russa saying: “If it was possible to recruit and train 2,500 police officers immediately than I would be delighted not to use troops in the cities.

And again British Telegraph on August 4 goes “Italian mayor bans gatherings of three or more people as soldiers hit streets” Massimo Giordano, a member of Italy’s anti immigration Northern League party and mayor of northern Italian city of Novara wants to ban gatherings in public, so if anyone is caught in a group of three or more they face a fine of 500 euro (£350). The article closes saying that:

The last time Italy put soldiers on the streets was to fight a crime wave in Naples in 1997, while they were also deployed in Sicily after a Mafia bomb campaign in 1993-4.

Troops have not been seen in Rome since the “years of lead” in the mid 1970s when the Red Brigades carried out a series of spectacular kidnappings, including the murder of Christian Democrat leader Aldo Moro. (See also posts Aldo Moro and The Aldo Moro Case.)

eurotopics has collected reactions of Italian communist daily “Il Manifesto”, Spanish “El Pais”, French “Le Monde” and German “Die Welt” on August 6.

British Guardian closes its article with defence Minister la Russa:

On Thursday, La Russa astonished local authorities in the Sicilian holiday resorts of Taormina and Naxos by hinting that they too may get troops.

“Soldiers?” asked the mayor of Taormina, Mauro Passalacqua. “Have we gone mad?” He said the town had seen just one bag-snatch in the past six weeks, and that the last murder in Taormina was committed in the 1960s.

Beppe Grillo on August 23, pubished on his blog the letter of a Police Services trade union representative, saying:

We do not agree with the use of the military in order to ensure law and order and public safety. We are also against certain provisions that smack of “racism”, as we are against the introduction of the position of the mayor-sheriff, against a number of private, self-protection provisions, such as the vigilante patrols and absolutely against the unjustified and absurd cuts that have been made in the area of law and order. We are talking about three billion Euro in cuts! In addition, those cuts have come precisely at a time that is particularly disastrous for the Police Forces.

See Beppe Grillo’s whole article here.

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What happened to the mandarinfish in Tierpark Berlin? When I was there with my daughter two weeks ago our favourite animal was missing: little mandarinfish. He wasn’t in his aquarium any more.

While trying to explain to my daughter what might have happened to the mandarinfish I did some research and found out that the mandarinfish behaves like a typical Prenzlauer Berger:

What the scientists have learned so far about the mandarin fish has surprised them. “We never anticipated the complexity of the social structure and mating system that we encountered,” said Mitcheson. “We also didn’t expect that individuals could be so distinctly different, one from the other, in terms of their habits and behaviors.”

As the researchers monitored mandarin fish populations, they found that each evening, within 20 minutes of sunset, groups of three to five females gathered. Each group had its own “street corner” to which its members returned night after night. Males visited the sites and displayed courtship behavior, hoping to attract females.

(National Geographic, see whole article here)

The official version of what happened to the mandarinfish – the one my daughter was willing to accept – goes as follows:

One day little mandarinfish felt lonely and sad and stared out of his bedroom window when he saw a mandarin (citrus reticulata) sitting on one of the tables of Tierpark-Restaurant right in front of his house, the aquarium. The mandarin said: “Hey, I’m the mandarin. Who are you?” Little mandarinfish said: “I’m the mandarinfish.” There was silence for a little while; they stared at each other, than the mandarin said: “Well, we look different, but nevertheless I think we belong togehter.” “I’m pretty sure about that”, said the mandarinfish, opened his bedroom window and left his house. From then on they were the best friends you can imagine and started to explore the whole wide world…

Reality, unfortunately, looks different: Dr. Falk Dathe from Tierpark Berlin answered my mail saying that the mandarinfish died in October 2007.

Betreff: AW: Mandarinfisch
Von: “Dr. Falk Dathe” <f.dathe@tierpark-berlin.de> ins Adressbuch
An: “marc.burth@web.de” <marc.burth@web.de>
Datum: 14.07.08 16:37:46 Uhr
erweiterter Header
Sehr geehrte Familie Burth,

Ihre Tochter Anna hat sehr gut beobachtet. Der Glänzende Mandarinfisch, Synchiropus splendidus, ist leider Ende Oktober 2007 verstorben.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Dr. Falk Dathe
wiss. Oberassistent
Tierpark Berlin

—–Ursprüngliche Nachricht—–
Von: Kirsten Bauerfeld
Gesendet: Montag, 14. Juli 2008 15:34
An: Dr. Falk Dathe
Betreff: WG: Mandarinfisch


Kirsten Bauerfeld

Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde GmbH
Am Tierpark 125
10319 Berlin

Telefon: +49 (0)30 – 51531-102
Telefax: +49 (0)30 – 5124061


Dr. rer. nat. Bernhard Blaszkiewitz

HR AG Charlottenburg HRB 37768
Steuernummer: 27/602/50228
Umsatzsteuer ID: DE137229687

—–Ursprüngliche Nachricht—–
Von: Marc Burth [mailto:marc.burth@web.de]
Gesendet: Montag, 14. Juli 2008 11:45
An: Kirsten Bauerfeld
Betreff: Mandarinfisch

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

als ich vor zwei Wochen mit meiner Tochter Anna im Tierpark bei den Aqurien war, hat sie festgestellt, dass ihr Lieblingstier, der Mandarinfisch nicht mehr da war. Seither möchte sie unbedingt wissen, was mit ihm passiert ist. Können Sie uns weiterhelfen?

Herzlichen Dank und viele Grüße

Marc Burth und Anna
EINE FÜR ALLE: die kostenlose WEB.DE-Plattform für Freunde und Deine
Homepage mit eigenem Namen. Jetzt starten! http://unddu.de/?kid=kid@mf2

nach obennächste Nachricht

Expressantwort an f.dathe@tierpark-berlin.de

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