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In my post “foot washing against social injustice” I was wondering what religion could contribute in trying to solve the increasing problem of social injustice. And what about Anarchy? Let’s see what Edoardo Sanguineti (see post “Do we need new class hatred”) has to say about the “idea of Anarchy”:

Sanguineti considers the idea of Anarchy “the most innovative idea of bourgeois times (età borghese)” and says the principle of Anarchy was “to try to do something to feed the disorder (alimentare il disordine) of the world concerning a modification of reality and therefore to refuse a certain order of classes (ordine di classe)”. “Everybody is working on a sort of collective undertaking (impresa colletiva), on the refusal of the existing order (ordine costituito)” Concerning arts and literature he defines Anarchy as ” working together on the complete works of mankind.”

Isn’t it fascinating to watch this old Gentleman-Anarchist at work? (video was shot in September 2006 at Feltrinelli library Mantua). If all Anarchists would be like him “collective undertaking” would be a great thing. But, unfortunately, they are not:

Foto was taken during Actiondays demo on Helmholtzplatz

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