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Trace of Stones / Die Spur der Steine


Look at the difference of the holes. Remarkable isn’t it? (Found at the SAP Building next to U-Bahnhof Weinmeisterstrasse two days after “the militant left” went by) See also Berliner Zeitung’s articles Autonome proben den 1. Mai (today) and Spur der Verwüstung (yesterday).


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Rosa Luxemburg neighborhood is well organized now in it’s battle against right wing extremism – see post Don’t buy from the Nazi and Thor Steinar II. Tomorrow, Saturday, May 31 a festival is planned to introduce the Mitte Gegen Rechts initiative to the public. In this context the tazblog article of Burkhard Schröder is a great example for a disgusting cynicism which is present among a lot of left wing intellectuals: citizens, who get organized to fight against the presence of neonazis in their neighborhood are discredited as “Gutmenschen” whose initiative is inappropriate. Would it be more appropriate to do nothing and just let things go?

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