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Trace of Stones / Die Spur der Steine


Look at the difference of the holes. Remarkable isn’t it? (Found at the SAP Building next to U-Bahnhof Weinmeisterstrasse two days after “the militant left” went by) See also Berliner Zeitung’s articles Autonome proben den 1. Mai (today) and Spur der Verwüstung (yesterday).

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Helmholtzplatz now

EINMAL IN DER WOCHE SCHREINDokumentarfilm – DDR, 1982, Farbe, 17 min. “TO SCREAM ONCE A WEEK” a 1982 GDR short documentary shows teenage life around Helmholtzplatz and tells the story of a self orgnazied youth club.

DIRECTOR Günter Jordan
PRODUCED BY DEFA-Studio für Dokumentarfilme
SCREENPLAY Günter Jordan
CAMERA Michael Lösche
MUSIC Gruppe Pankow

The film was forbidden in 1982 because the way it showed self-confidence and self-determination of GDR kids didn’t follow the rules. In October 1989 it was finally released.

The film was chosen by The Museum of Modern Art New York 2005: DEFA-Retrospektive “Rebels with a cause”

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It’s one of the big scandals in the history of German TV: Peter Kahane’s film “Die Architekten” (1990) is one of the last films produced by East German DEFA Studios. “Die Architekten” relentlessly critizises GDRs status quo. It’s not just a great film but also a document of German history – and it has been shown on German TV only a couple of times! What happened to this film after the reunification tells a lot about how GDR history was dealt with in Germany after 1989: GDR citiziens didnt’t want to get bothered with this old stuff. They were busy exploring promising west – and west Germans just ignored it. So this is director Peter Kahane talking about his film:

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