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If you travel with DEUTSCHE BAHN, especially if you travel with kids, you should be very well organized and make reservations before. That’s what we did. But when we got on the train packed with people – Anna screaming because she realized that she had forgotten Isabella (the cuddly rabbit) – our seats were already taken. A lovely Scottish couple was sitting there and above their heads the signs were saying: ggf. reserviert (ggf=gegebenenfalls is translated best by: should the occasion arise). I told the lovely Scottish couple I was terribly sorry but the seats were reserved. They laughed and told me that somebody had explained to them ten minutes ago that the sign ggf. reserviert would mean that the seats were probably not reserved. It would be no problem for them to look for other seats, they told me, but there was one thing, they really wanted to know: WHAT DOES ggf. reserviert MEAN?

Did you ever try to explain to a lovely Scottish couple the meaning of ggf. reserviert? (with your reservation in one and your screaming daughter on the other hand)


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