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Eyerybody knows this feeling: you find something really nice and sympathetic. You are honestly glad that it exists but if it comes to confrantion you have to admit: what you imagined it to be is not what it is. Markt in der Bibliothek“Markt in der Bibliothek” is the name of a very sympathetic Spanish-Vietnamese co-production in Pappelalle 3 next to U-Bahnhof Eberswalder Straße, a fusion of a Vietnamese food shop and a mediterranian bar. They offer “Mittagstisch” for 5 € including salat and coffee, you can choose from three different dishes. The Vietnamese couple who runs the foodstore is very friendly, they run the tailor shop in Pappelallee 4 as well. The Spanish (or at least spanish speaking) “padron” of the bar usually wears a black torero’s head. If he’s in good mood, the bar is open the whole night and there is always someone who plays music and some guests who are dancing. So the “Markt in der Bibliothek” would be compelling – but reality looks different: You can be sure that in the food store you won’t find what you need and if you go there for “Mittagstisch” you need strong nerves, because of roaring loud 70 years glamrock and the fact that there is no heating and winter is back in Berlin. But in general: I still think it’s great that “Markt in der Bibliothek” exists. Exactly the same feeling I ‘ve got for the films of Christian Petzold.

Markt in der Bibliothek Insalate

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