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When trial was over in July 2008 out of 45 persons accused of having brutally mistreated detainees after the 2001 G8 riots in Genoa only fifteen Italian police officers and doctors were sentenced to jail. But soon it became clear that none of them would actually serve prison terms.

Defendants in Italy do not go to jail for most offences until they have exhausted all the appeals to which they are entitled – normally, at least two. And in this case, it emerged, the convictions and sentences alike would be wiped out by a statute of limitations next year.

Time to remember what actually happened in Genoa seven years ago.

British Guardian article of July, 17 “The bloody battle of Genoa” gives detailed survey about the facts.

A very good WDR television-documentary in German: “Gipfelstürmer – Die blutigen Tage von Genua” (2002)

This is what Mark Covell british journalist and victim says about the trial:

Part 1


Part 2


More witnesses and victims here:


Great site in Italian, English and German: supportolegale.org

The testimonies of most of the Bolzaneto victims you find here (in Italian)

And finally: “La Canzone del maggio” of great Genoese songwriter Fabrizio De André:


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