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Impressions of the birthday party on July 5:

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American economist Richard Florida in his 2003 book “The Rise of the Creative Class” pointed out that the values of the emerging creative class would determine where jobs would be created and where future investments would be directed. The “creative core of this new class,” he writes, “includes scientists and engineers, university professors, poets and novelists, artists, entertainers, actors, designers and architects.” A gathering of such minds in one city, the theory goes, is a determining factor of its population’s prosperity. Watch him talk about his book here:



In this interview Richard Florida says:

… you have to support local level, street level creativity. The more investments we make in street level culture, arts, music, writing… not only the more creative the community will be but that will be the kind of community to start new innovations, companies and grow economically

Spiegelonline international in its October 2007 article Berlin Tops Germany for Creative Class says about nationwide TTT study (“Talent, Technology and Tolerance – Where Germany Has A Future”) which was based on the theories of Richard Florida and undertaken by the Berlin Institute for Population and Development and financed by the Robert Bosch Stiftung:

It turns out that Germany’s capital, home to a population of 3.4 million, has the greatest potential for growth amongst all of Germany’s 16 states… Berlin has a burgeoning scene of creative professions.

A very interesting article about Berlin’s creative class by Markus Hesse and Bastian Lang : “Kreative Industrien”.

It’s a well known phenomenon, that Berlin and especially Prenzlauer Berg is packed with creative people. So let’s have a closer look on them, because after the TTT study and according to Richard Florida’s theories they carry quite a burden on their shoulders: The transormation of “poor but sexy ” (Wowereit) Berlin into economical prosperity depends on THESE PEOPLE:

1: Bühnenwunder JENZ STEINER– Der King vom Prenzlauer Berg. hip-hop/rap/funk-musician with his own very nice weblog http://reifenwechsler.blogspot.com/ See Jenz Steiner in Action:



2. SASCHA LOBO who, together with Holm Friebe, wrote the book “Wir nennen es Arbeit” We call it work and created the label “digitale Boheme” for people who work with computers, don’t get money for it but feel great anyway. He’s closely connected to Nr.2 Prenzlauer Berg’s Excellence Cluster ZIA (Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur) and it’s blog Riesenmaschine. He is also one of the founders of adical (which now is called adnation) an agency for blog promoting. For more information see this Handelsblatt article (in German) and this post of Don Alphonso’s blogbar. There’s also an interview with Sascha Lobo on KoopTech (all in German). Even if I don’t quite understand what the guy is actually doing, he’s incredibly creative, for sure. For those of you who still have doubts about his creativity, watch this:


3. PAPERFILMS, a group of people closely connected to Prenzlauer Berg’s Nr. 1 Excellence Cluster: Video- Collection Schönhauser Allee / Stargader Straße. Everyone who works there behind the desk is at least director or screenwriter or both and knows EVERYTHING about film. These guys had the idea to make short films out of the one or two liners you find inside Muskote cigarette papers. Brilliant idea, isn’t it? Innovative, creative…

With a creative class like that Berlin in no time will be rich and sexy!

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This post is very personal: On Sunday I went to the ACTIONDAYS demo (see Tagesspiegel article here (in German)) which went through my KIEZ: Lychener Straße – Helmholtzplatz etc. – a strange experience: 15 years ago I would have certainly been amongst the demonstrating crowd and I still think it’s great that there is politcal awareness – if it actually is political and not only a form of left-wing “Spaßkultur” – amongst the next generation (the average age might have been around 20). So on one hand I’ve got a lot of sympathy for them, on the other hand I’m probably one of the yuppies they are fighting against – and that’s exactly what makes me so representative for Prenzlauer Bergs neighborhood. We live here because we love the fact that until now not everything was regulated, because there was enough free space for everybody. On the other hand: We’re getting older, we’ve got children, some of us even got money…. Things are changing, it’s very natural, isn’t it? So one could say: It’s not worth talking about. But I don’t think so. I think the identity problems of a whole generation (my generation) is worth talking about. And it’s important to understand what happens here in Prenzlauer Berg. A lot of people in the neighborhood are socialised as I am, (Western Germany, former left-wing, now liberal??? (Oh my god!!!), bourgeoise) and a lot of them are watching the changes in the KIEZ with unease – and have absolutely no idea how to react. (See also post “We want more farmers.”) That’s the reason why I decided to have this blog: Maybe, I thought, documenting the actual changes – personal and social ones – would be a step… in which direction we will see. That’s why I will post here for the second time a video I shot April 9th during a meeting between residents of the Kiez and Stadtrat Jens-Holger Kirchner to discuss the restructering of Pappelallee. ( See also post “Unser Dorf soll schöner werden” (in German)). First step is done already: parking on the “Bürgersteig” is not allowed any more! Enjoy:

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