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After “Markt in der Bibliothek” next Vietnamese grocery store on Danziger Strasse, just around the corner,  has closed down this week. It will be reopened in March as a Restaurant. I wish the Vietnamese owners all the best with their new business plans – and still don’t know where to go now if I’ve forgotten to get milk. There’s probably just one solution: disciplined shopping!

My theory is: closing down the shops around the corner is part of an educational program initiated by Bezirksamt Pankow to try to discipline chaotic Prenzlauer Berg’s inhabitants. One of these measures already failed: the new parking rules on Pappelallee, established in April 2008 caused even more chaos. See also post “Unser Dorf soll schöner werden II”


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I’m back from Cuba, it’s autumn and while I was cruising around the island Germany and especially Berlin continued to change: Marcel Reich-Ranicki started a second career in the ad business, Jens-Holger Kirchner is now thinking about having Parking-Zones in Prenzlauer Berg (see also post “Unser Dorf soll schöner werden II“) , and the Vietnamese grocery-store guy (not the “Markt in der Bibliothek” one – the other one around the corner on Danziger Strasse) told me about his plans to close the store, go to Vietnam to learn how to cook and open a Vietnamese Restaurant at the same spot. So we will soon have about six Vietnamese, Thai and Corean Restauants in close neighbourhood, but nowhere to go to get milk.

P.S. “Markt in der Bibliothek” is still closed. But no worries: The owner is still thinking about what to do with his place. He told me, he wont rent it. He seems to be completely aware of the excellent adress he’s got.

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This post is very personal: On Sunday I went to the ACTIONDAYS demo (see Tagesspiegel article here (in German)) which went through my KIEZ: Lychener Straße – Helmholtzplatz etc. – a strange experience: 15 years ago I would have certainly been amongst the demonstrating crowd and I still think it’s great that there is politcal awareness – if it actually is political and not only a form of left-wing “Spaßkultur” – amongst the next generation (the average age might have been around 20). So on one hand I’ve got a lot of sympathy for them, on the other hand I’m probably one of the yuppies they are fighting against – and that’s exactly what makes me so representative for Prenzlauer Bergs neighborhood. We live here because we love the fact that until now not everything was regulated, because there was enough free space for everybody. On the other hand: We’re getting older, we’ve got children, some of us even got money…. Things are changing, it’s very natural, isn’t it? So one could say: It’s not worth talking about. But I don’t think so. I think the identity problems of a whole generation (my generation) is worth talking about. And it’s important to understand what happens here in Prenzlauer Berg. A lot of people in the neighborhood are socialised as I am, (Western Germany, former left-wing, now liberal??? (Oh my god!!!), bourgeoise) and a lot of them are watching the changes in the KIEZ with unease – and have absolutely no idea how to react. (See also post “We want more farmers.”) That’s the reason why I decided to have this blog: Maybe, I thought, documenting the actual changes – personal and social ones – would be a step… in which direction we will see. That’s why I will post here for the second time a video I shot April 9th during a meeting between residents of the Kiez and Stadtrat Jens-Holger Kirchner to discuss the restructering of Pappelallee. ( See also post “Unser Dorf soll schöner werden” (in German)). First step is done already: parking on the “Bürgersteig” is not allowed any more! Enjoy:

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Wie am 5. April (siehe post: Unser Dorf soll schöner werden) angekündigt, war ich natürlich am 9. April beim Ortstermin mit Berzirksstadtrat Jens-Holger Kirchner und habe zusammen mit etwa 20 anderen Pappelallee Anwohnern erfahren, dass alles beschlossenen Sache ist: Ab Ende April soll die Pappelallee ordentlich werden. Auch im unteren Teil wird dann nur noch längs am Straßenrand geparkt werden dürfen. Auf die Frage wo denn all die Autos hin sollen, die schon mit dem jetzigen Un-System keinen Platz finden, wusste der im übrigen sehr sympathische Herr Kirchner zwar keine Antwort, vertrat aber vehement die Ansicht, dass, wo sowieso schon Chaos herrsche, es auch nicht so schlimm sei, wenn es noch chaotischer werde… Wie dem auch sei, da alles beschlossenen Sache ist, war das Ganze ein wenig unergiebig. Ich habe trotzdem versucht das Beste daraus zu machen:

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