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I just realised that my last blog entry was on June 7.  Now it’s the last day of June. There was nothing special about the last three weeks – I just didn’t mange to write anything, and I was in


Konstanz with Anna vistiting the grandparants. We discussed how the look of  Lake of Constance Ferries changed over the years – and now we’re back in Berlin and Michael Jackson is dead.

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This is QRT’s house in Konstanz. Here he grew up and lived till he went to Berlin in the middle of the 1980ies (For those of you who haven’t got any idea who QRT is, see post HERE COMES QRT). I strolled around QRT’s house recently and what came out is this little film. The text is taken out of QRT’s essay about serial killing: JAGDSAISON – Serial Killing in Berlin, Tekknologic Tekknowledge Tekgnosis, Merve Verlag Berlin 1999.

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QRT actually Markus Konradin Leiner was a German philosopher, barkeeper in Berlins famous EX’n POP, martial artist and junkie. He was born in 1965 in Konstanz and died in Berlin 1996 of an heroin overdose. Publications (amongst others): “Dabei wollen wir doch Mörder bleiben” in: Ralf Bohn, Dieter Fuder (Hg.): Baudrillard: Simulation und Verführung, München 1994; “Elemente der Verführung” in: Eckhard Hammel (Hg.): Synthetische Welten, Essen 1996; “The Text As Chainsaw Massacre (with Frank Wulf) in: Michael Farin, Hans Schmid (Hg.): Ed Gein – A Quiet Man, München 1996

After his death Merve Verlag Berlin published four books of QRT:

Schlachtfelder der elektronischen Wüste – Schwarzkopf, Schwarzenegger, Black Magic Johnson (1999)

Tekknologic Tekknowledge Tekgnosis – Ein Theoremix (1999)

Drachensaat – Der Weg zum nihilistischen Helden (2000)

Zombologie Teqste (2006)

I’ll porvide you with more information about QRT’s life, work and death soon. The scene above is taken out of Oskar Roehler’s film debut Gentleman (1995). QRT, who played the leading part in this (very trashy) Berlin version of American Psycho, did actually take heroin ‘on camera’.

This is tazblog about QRT (in German). And this is what erratik-institut collected about him after his death (in German).

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