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The intact order of primitive societies has brought out two forms of binding the violence into ritual arrangements. These socialized forms of brute force are the sacrifice and the revenge. The western world has reduced both: the sacrifice has been transferred into the imaginary space of media, the revenge has been monopolized by the state. According to the rules of the symbolical order this reduction is an unbearable guilt, it causes a higher production of violence as a necessary consequence.

Text ist taken out of: QRT, Zombologie Teqste, Merve Verlag Berlin 2006

To verify this text which has been written by QRT probably in the early 90ies of the last century, let’s see what we find in “THE ARCHIVE”:


Original youtube titel: Hostel pt.2 brutality

Original youtube videoinformation: Heres my new brutality video for hostel pt.2 Enjoy! Music: Disparaged – The Evil One p.s. Sorry for the blur:z


Original youtube title: this is hell

Original youtube video information: 3rd acr bandit troop (1st Squadron, 3rd Armed Cavalry Regiment (M.B)) going to war


Sorry, but the authors of the video which should appear here don’t allow to embed it. So if you want to see it – absolutely worthwhile – you have to go to the youtube site and look for…

… Original youtube title: Generation Kill Iraq

Original youtube videoinformation: Aug 2004. What happens when those who’ve grown upon Hollywood war movies and graphic video games are sent to the frontline? “It’s the ultimate rush – you’re going into the fight with a good song playing in the background,” states one soldier. This is war fought by the first playstation generation. As Rolling Stones journalist Evan Wright explains: “One thing about them is they kill very well in Iraq”


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QRT actually Markus Konradin Leiner was a German philosopher, barkeeper in Berlins famous EX’n POP, martial artist and junkie. He was born in 1965 in Konstanz and died in Berlin 1996 of an heroin overdose. Publications (amongst others): “Dabei wollen wir doch Mörder bleiben” in: Ralf Bohn, Dieter Fuder (Hg.): Baudrillard: Simulation und Verführung, München 1994; “Elemente der Verführung” in: Eckhard Hammel (Hg.): Synthetische Welten, Essen 1996; “The Text As Chainsaw Massacre (with Frank Wulf) in: Michael Farin, Hans Schmid (Hg.): Ed Gein – A Quiet Man, München 1996

After his death Merve Verlag Berlin published four books of QRT:

Schlachtfelder der elektronischen Wüste – Schwarzkopf, Schwarzenegger, Black Magic Johnson (1999)

Tekknologic Tekknowledge Tekgnosis – Ein Theoremix (1999)

Drachensaat – Der Weg zum nihilistischen Helden (2000)

Zombologie Teqste (2006)

I’ll porvide you with more information about QRT’s life, work and death soon. The scene above is taken out of Oskar Roehler’s film debut Gentleman (1995). QRT, who played the leading part in this (very trashy) Berlin version of American Psycho, did actually take heroin ‘on camera’.

This is tazblog about QRT (in German). And this is what erratik-institut collected about him after his death (in German).

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I like Italy very much – great people, great food – but there’s one thing I’ll never get used to (besides Italian “calcio”, besides the fact that they let Berlusconi run the country again, besides the fact that it is no democracy at all) – it’s the sensationalist shock reporting of Italian newspapers and not only of the yellow press but also of the “serious” ones as LA STAMPA and LA REPUBBLICA. April 17 La REPUBBLICA published a big article about 18 year old Marco who had committed suicide in Genoa jumping out of the bathroom window of his apartment on the fifth floor. REPUBBLICA puts the story like this: “… alle 8 ha aperto la finestra del bagno e sie è lanciato nel vuoto. E precipitato dal quinto piano ed è morto sull’ asfalto di via Bologna, in mezzo alle auto, alle massaie, agli sudenti diretti a scuola. La madre aveva inutilmente cercato di trattenerlo, aggrapandosi al suo braccio, ma non aveva potuto fare altro che vederlo aprire la finestra e saltare.” (at eight o’clock he opened the bathroom window and threw himself into emptiness. He fell from the fifth floor and died on the asphalt of via Bologna, right in the middle of cars, houswifes and students on their way to school. His mother tried to stop him clinging to his arm but in the end couldn’t do anything else but watch him open the window an jump.) The article closes as follows: “Il suo corpore, coperta da un lenzuolo, è rimasto fino alle 11 in strada in attesa del furgone della polizia mortuaria. Quando la madre è uscita per andare in ospedale, un milite del 118 e un carabiniere le hanno coperto, abbracindola, la vista del cadavere del figlio.” (His body, covered in a sheet, laid on the street till 11 o’ clock waiting for the hearse to come. When his mother left the house to go to the hospital, two police officers guided her to make sure she wouldn’t have to see her son’s dead body.) There’s only one thing left to ask: why the hell did they leave Marcos dead body lie on the street for three hours???

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