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My second video of Cuban “Cantautora” Yaidy. The song is called “Maniquis”. Enjoy:


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Her full name is Yaidy Pineiro Alvárez, born in 1985 in  Santa Clara, Cuba. After four years of elementary school at the age of 9 she goes to “Escuela de arte” in Santa Clara where she gets her first music education and learns to play clarinet. After finishing school she became a librarian and still works at Santa Clara City library “Biblioteca provincial Marti”. Since 2005 she’s touring all over Cuba as “Cantautora”, which is traduced best as singersongwriter. I met her and heard her playing the first time in Santa Clara where she was performing at the FAAM festival (Festival de artistas aficionados a la musica) and I loved her music right from the beginning. Enjoy.

When I met her last time she told me her biggest wish: a dictaphone. With a dictaphone, she said, writing new songs would be much easier because she could speak her thoughts and  ideas right into it. When I go to Cuba next time I’ll bring her one.

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Everybody is talking about Geert Wilders and his film Fitna these days. I’m honestly worried about Gert Wilden. We must not forget him! This man had an inclination for scandalous films as well.

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