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Wer sich eingehender über die NATO, ihre Struktur und ihre geheimen Armeen informieren will, dem möchte ich den Vortrag empfehlen, den Daniele Ganser am 14. September 2009 an der Universität Basel gehalten hat. Ihr findet ihn hier auf Dr. Gansers Website.

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I’m a coward. Before I left, I put my daughters cuddly toys in the back seat of the car. Clearly visible. When the police pulled me over 20 kilometres in front of Baden-Baden (how far did I think I’would get with my Berlin number-plate?) I told them I came round accidentally, that I got lost, that I was visiting relatives in the south…  and I really hoped they would see the nice bear, beautiful rabbit and the sheep on the back seat. WHY? Why didn’t I tell them that I was on my way to Baden-Baden to demonstrate against the NATO because I’m a citizen fully aware of  history and therefore,  I could have told them, it’s my duty to go there to tell the world that there are some things about NATO we urgently have to know in order to understand better how western democracies work. I’m not against democracy, I could have told the policemen (most of them were tall, 190 cm and even taller), not at all, but I’m very fond of enlightenment and if we talk about NATO we should at least know that, for example, NATO had secret armies, and that some of them were involved in terrorist acts… but I didn’t. Because I’m a coward I turned round. Instead of telling everybody the truth about NATO I later had a abreak at Baden-Badens famous Autobahnkirche


– and again: policemen everywhere. Well, I should have told them everything but I didn’t. I was much too frightened. Something’s going wrong here, It thought. Why are you too frightened to tell the police that you want to join the demonstration. WHY? What happened?

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