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I love translating-machines!!! This is the English translation of a dermorgen. blogspot article of July 31 about Wolfgang Clement’s exclusion from his beloved SPD. Enjoy!

(Kastanienallee near GLS language school)

T here is hardly someone who is his party so thoroughly exclusion has developed such as Wolfgang Clement. Now it’s ready. Perhaps it is this: The SPD may well Clement to renounce because they Sarrazin now with a greater talent, then when it comes to post-lustvolles Come down and the wording of the rechtsb├╝rgerlichen D├╝nkels.

A llerdings means the party exclusion by the SPD in North Rhine-Westphalia initially only then that the Federal Arbitration matter. Here, Clements friends from the Seeheimer circle the shots. The exclusion of the federal SPD should be repealed. You will not get rid of him.

E rinnert was an insult to the propaganda in the famous brochure by Clement opposite HartzIV aid recipients:

Biologists use for “organisms that are temporarily or permanently to meet their food conditions at the expense of other living creatures – their hosts live,” agreed the term “parasite”.

H nor anybody at this so-called Sozialschmarotzer brochure by Clement? Ah, I see straight, because it is yes. Who verantworltlicher ministers such as Hetzschriften can produce, the shortage is very much in decency. The SPD, thanks to Clement lost several thousand members. This ex-“super-minister” would be no party for a profit, even if the FDP has been for some time about him happy.

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