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I like Italy very much – great people, great food – but there’s one thing I’ll never get used to (besides Italian “calcio”, besides the fact that they let Berlusconi run the country again, besides the fact that it is no democracy at all) – it’s the sensationalist shock reporting of Italian newspapers and not only of the yellow press but also of the “serious” ones as LA STAMPA and LA REPUBBLICA. April 17 La REPUBBLICA published a big article about 18 year old Marco who had committed suicide in Genoa jumping out of the bathroom window of his apartment on the fifth floor. REPUBBLICA puts the story like this: “… alle 8 ha aperto la finestra del bagno e sie è lanciato nel vuoto. E precipitato dal quinto piano ed è morto sull’ asfalto di via Bologna, in mezzo alle auto, alle massaie, agli sudenti diretti a scuola. La madre aveva inutilmente cercato di trattenerlo, aggrapandosi al suo braccio, ma non aveva potuto fare altro che vederlo aprire la finestra e saltare.” (at eight o’clock he opened the bathroom window and threw himself into emptiness. He fell from the fifth floor and died on the asphalt of via Bologna, right in the middle of cars, houswifes and students on their way to school. His mother tried to stop him clinging to his arm but in the end couldn’t do anything else but watch him open the window an jump.) The article closes as follows: “Il suo corpore, coperta da un lenzuolo, è rimasto fino alle 11 in strada in attesa del furgone della polizia mortuaria. Quando la madre è uscita per andare in ospedale, un milite del 118 e un carabiniere le hanno coperto, abbracindola, la vista del cadavere del figlio.” (His body, covered in a sheet, laid on the street till 11 o’ clock waiting for the hearse to come. When his mother left the house to go to the hospital, two police officers guided her to make sure she wouldn’t have to see her son’s dead body.) There’s only one thing left to ask: why the hell did they leave Marcos dead body lie on the street for three hours???


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